One of a kind SJC drum-set with DW hardware. If you see this - it is without a doubt ours.

(drumset stolen not in photo)

Bass guitar missing in front of the grill from the Fender Guitar Cab

1970s Ampeg SVT-Classic Bass Head - Black Tolex

Aguilar 4x10 Bass Cabinet - Black on Black - Serial # 41C0277

Fender Dual Showman Evil Twin Amphead - Black Tolex, Red Knobs

Fender 4x12 Cabinet - Black Tolex, Silver Grill

1950s Reissue Fender Bassman Amp from the 70s - Tweed

1976 Fender P Bass - Natural w/ White pickguard

1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio - Black with gold hardware and white pearloid pickguard

1960’s Mexican Fender Strat Reissue - Surf green w/ white pickguard

Nord Electro 3 - 73 Keys - Serial # EE19487

8 20’ Monster Cables

Roadie Hardshell Case for Keyboard

Hardshell Pedal Board Case - Black

Hardshell Pedal Board Case - Silver

Hardshell Pedal Board Case - Silver

13” Tuxedo Case (Soft) - Black

14” Snare Drum Case (Soft) - Black

16” Drum Case (Soft) - Black

22” Drum Case (Soft) - Black

Hard Shell Cymbal Case - Black

Cymbal Stand/Hardware Case (Soft) - Black

CB Drums Floor Tom - Black

Shure SLC4 In-Ear Monitors

DW 5000 Kick Pedal (Single Pedal from Double Pedal Set in Case)

Boss DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome


3 Channel Programmable Sansamp

Boss EV-5 Expression Pedal

TC Electronics ND-1 Nova Delay

Boss RC-20 Loop Station

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone

Visual Sound H20

Boss PS-5 Pitch Shifter

Fulltone Fat-Boost 2

Two (2) Fulltone GT-500

Vox Wah Pedal

Ernie Ball VP Jr.

Two (2) Boss TU-2 Tuners

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

Boss TU-3 Tuner

Boss RE-20 Space Echo

Four (4) One-Spot Power adapters

5.5x14 Custom SJC Snare Drum - Mint Ripple w/ clear acrylic center

9x13 Custom SJC Rack Tom - Mint Ripple w/ clear acrylic center

14x16 Custom SJC Floor Tom - Mint Ripple w/ clear acrylic center

16x18 Custom SJC Floor Tom - Mint Ripple w/ clear acrylic center

18x22 Custom SJC Kick Drum - Mint Ripple w/ clear acrylic center

Keyboard Stand

Tama Boom Cymbal Stand (2)

Tama Cymbal Stand (1)

Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand

DW 9300 Heavy Duty Snare Drum Stand

Snare Stand

Ludwig Bike Seat Drum Throne LM449THB

1999 B3500 Dodge Ram Wagon - L669821 - Dark Green - “The Country Church” in faded lettering on sides and back

22” Zildjian A Custom Ride

19” Zildjian A Custom Crash

18” Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash

14” Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats

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